Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

Kenny Shain  July 1st
  Kenny has a 1932 Ford

Kurt Pullen  July 1st
Kurt has a 1935 Chevy

TJ  Clark  July 1st
William and TJ have a 2004 Maurader

 Cassie Gibson  July 2nd
Cassie & Thomas have a Beetle

Christina Bickel  July 2nd
Christina & Donnie have a 1969 Corvette Convertible
Pic not available

Rosemary Combs  July 2nd
Rosemary has a 2004 Hemi Dodge Ram

Sharon Willis  July 2nd
Sharon and Tommy have a 1957 Belair

Lisa Dexter  July 3rd
Lisa has a 2002 Mustang GT

Rebecca Parker  July 3rd
Pic not available

Tony Fields  July 4th
Tony has a 1967 Barracuda

Tony Payne  July 4th
Tony has a 1971 Olds Cutlass

Dave Shultz  July 5th
Dave has a 1968 Corvette

Janet Long  July 5th
  Janet and Earl have several Corvettes

   Candace Dunn  July 6th
Candace and Paul have a Toyota Truck

Judy Harl  July 6th
Pic not available

Alan Huddleston  July 6th
Alan has a 1957 Ford Ranchero

Pic not available

Elaine Stoll  July 7th
Elaine has a Corvette

    Rosie Mayfield  July 7th
Rosie and Tom have a 1981 Corvette

Paul Amody  July 7th
Paul has a 2010 Dodge Challenger

Theresa Buckley  July 7th
Theresa and Ron have a 1984 Buick Grand National

Nick Gossett  July 7th
Nick has a 2015 Camaro

Jessica Greene  July 7th
Jessica and Anthony have a 1977 Trans Am

Phillip White  July 7th
Phillip has a 1978 Corvette
Pic not avbailable

Renee Wilson  July 8th
Renee has a Mustang

Pat Markwell  July 8th
Pat has a 1979 Corvette

Sheri Nelson  July 8th 
Pic not available

Herschel Burden  July 8th
Herschel has a 1937 Ford

Bill Smith  July 8th
 Bill has a 1942 Jeep

Jakki Boner  July 9th
Jakki has a 1966 Mustang
Pic not available

Tony Griffith  July 9th
Tony has a 2005 Mustang GT

Pic not available

Melvin Burkhead  July 10th
Melvin has a 1968 GTO

Rhea Cissell  July 10th
Rhea & Dale have a 1968 Mustang

Rick Aguayo  July 11th
Rick has a Chevy Truck

Tammy Stewart  July 11th
Tammy an AMC Spirit

Mike Woosley  July 11th
Mike has a C/5 Corvette

Jim Conover  July 11th
Jim has a 1951 Ford

Mike Bear  July 11th
Mike has a 1967 Mustang
Pic not available

Gary Parker  July 11th
 Gary has a 1994 Chevy Stepside

 Debbie Heine  July 12th
Debbie and Rick have a 1969 Camaro

Tom Mattingly  July 12th
Tom has a 1972 Maverick Grabber

Edd Fisher  July 13th
Edd has a 1965 Falcon

Chuck Fitch  July 13th
Chuck has a 1973 Z28

Pic not available

Lisa Oakes  July 14th
Lisa and Matthew have a 1967 Mustang

Betsey Dudley  July 14th
Betsey & James have a 1965 Shelby Cobra
Picture is not available

Janelle Stepp  July 17th
Janelle and Robert Perry have a 1972 Chevelle
Pic not available

Lisa Kime  July 17th
Joe and Lisa have a 1966 Mustang

Picture not available

Derek Capps  July 18th
Derek has a Super Bee

Connie Adams  July  18th
Connie has a C5 Corvette

Linda Wolfe  July 18th
Landa and Bill have a 1940 Ford

Mike Adams  July 19th
Mike has a C5 Corvette

Carol Burkhead  July 20th
Carol has a 1958 Chevy

Kayla Bond  July 20th
Kayla and Liam Roberts have a 1971 Buick Riviera

Fred Tucker  July 21st
Fred has a 2009 Z06

Bill Gerlach  July 21st
Bill has a 1948 Chevy Panel Truck

Toni Faris  July 21st
Toni & Sam have a 2007 Saleen Mustang

Sharon Seelye  July 22nd
Sharon and Don have a 2014 Mustang GT
Pic not available

Karen Basham  July 23rd
Karen & Rick have a Chevy Truck

Steve McCarter  July 23rd
Steve has a 2003 Marauder

Jim Vorhees  July 24th
Jim has a 1923 T-Bucket

Sandy Bushnell  July 25th
Sandy has a 1931 Ford
Picture is not available

Kim Pullen  July 25th
Kim and Kurt have a 1935 Chevy Sedan

Drew Dorner  July 25th
Drew has a 2011 Mustang Stealth

Pat Osbourne  July 25th
Pat has a 1963 Galaxy 500
Pic not available

Danny Embry  July 26th
Danny has a 1984 Chevy Truck

Regina Wolz  July 26th
Regina Joe and have a 1933 Dodge

Rob Franke  July 26th
Rob has a 1950 3100 Chevy

Alice Morris  July 26th
Alice & Ronnie have a Corvette

Jeannie Campbell  July 26th
Jeannie has a 1968 Camaro

Donna Siebel  July 26th
Steve and Donna have a 1946 Ford

Tim Abel Sr.  July 27th
Tim has a 1963 Impala

Tony Rabalais  July 27th
Tony has a 1942 Dodge

JR Lambert  July 28th
JR has a 1967 Chevy II

Simpson Denney  July 28th
Simpson has a 1965 AC Cobra

Lesieur Nash Jr.  July 29th  
Lesieur has a 1969 Pro-Street Camaro

Angela Zoller  July 30th
Angela and Wayne have a 1993 F-150 Lightning

Mary Tidwell  July 30th
Mary and Scott Woodward have a 1972 Chevy C-10

Ted Williams  July 30th
Ted has a 1974 Plymouth Scamp

Jean Hornback  July 30th
Jean and Dennis have a 1999 Corvette

Sheila Chapman  July 31st
Sheila & Greg have a 1957 Chevy

Regina Kessinger  July 31st
Regina and Wayne have a 1987 Buick Grand National

Roberto Ponce'  July 31st
Roberto has a 1957 Pontiac Super Chief

Steven Bell  July 31st
Pic not available





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