Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

 Terrance Noel  September 1st
Terrance has a 2003 Harley Davidson Road King

pic not available

David Morris  September 2nd
  David has a 1972 Camaro
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Lee Ford  September 2nd
Lee has a 1989 S-10

Rob Burton  September 2nd
Rob has a 1969 Camaro

pic not available

 Linda Tucker  September 3rd
Linda & Fred have a 2009 ZO6

Eugene Seabolt  September 3rd
Eugene has a 1972 Chevy Truck
pic not available

Bryan Popplewell  September 3rd
Bryan has a 1984 Chevy Truck

Jeff Letcher  September 4th
  Jeff has a 1970 Chevelle

Rhonda Nash   September 4th
Rhonda and Wendell have a 1941 Willys

Rhonda Sedoris  September 4th
Rhonda & Bobby have a 2010 Camaro SS

   Darrell Wilson  September 5th
Darrell Has a 1955 Chevy

Diane Howard  September 6th
Diane & John have a 1965 Impala

Steve Jones  September 6th
Steve has a 1972 Camaro

Michael Seebert  September 6th
Michael has a 1976 Corvette Stingray

Robert Klein September 7th
Robert has a Ranchero

Kelly McCarter  September 7th
Kelly & Steve have a 2003 Maurader

Lisa Burch  September 7th
Lisa & Greg have a 1976 Corvette

Chuck Medley  September 7th
Chuck has a 1968 Pontiac Tempest Convertible
pic not available

Dennis Hertel  September 7th
Dennis has a 1940 Ford

    Jean Wayne  September 8th 
pic not available

Tracy Bauerla  September 8th
Jeff and Tracy have a 2004 Corvette

Eddie Taylor  September 9th
Eddie has a 1934 Chevy

Terry Cook September 9th
Terry and Phil have a 1939 Chevy

Chris Huelsman  September 10th
Chris has a
1966 Impala SS

Jerry Horine  September 10th
  Jerry has a 1957 Chevy

Rick Curby II  September 11th
The Curby family has a Schwinn custom bike

Jimmy McCauley  September 11th
Jimmy has a 1968 Chevelle

Joe Renz  September 11th
Joe has a 1984 Silverado

Keith Clabough  September 13th
Keith has a 1993 Mustang

Robin Mency  September 13th
Robin has a 2002 Mustang GT

Pic not available

Dianna Green  September 13th
Dianna and Greg have a 2013 Roush Mustang

Rich Wilson  September 13th
Rich has a 1971 Corvette

Judy Kessinger  September 13th
Judy and Larry have a 1980 Corvette

Pic not available

Chrissy Noland  September 15th

Tim Abel Jr.  September 15th
Tim has a 1957 Chevy

Pat Atwell September 15th
Pat has a 1955 Chevy

 Gene McClure  September 15th
Gene has a 1957 Ford

Judy Blair  September 16th
Judy has a 1970 Buick GS 455

Rob Cook   September 16th
Rob has a 2009 Mustang GT

Curtis Burkhead  September 17th
Curtis has a 1966 Mustang GT Convertible

Henry Hayden  September 17th
Henry has a Camaro

Shane Lile  September 17th
Shane has a Harley Davidson

Barry Stewart   September 18th
Barry has a 1969 Chevy truck

Donna Turner  September 18th
Donna & Larry have a 1958 Corvette

Bret Bierly  September 8th
Bret has a 2009 Mustang Bullitt

Aaron Quetot 19th
Aaron has a 2004 Mustang Mach I

Gregory Thompson  September 19th
Gregory has a 1981 Cadillac

Denise Wooldridge  September  19th
Denise have a 1955 Thunderbird

Johnny Sipes  September 20th
Johnny and Kathy have a 1940 Chevy

Scott Dinsmore September 22nd
Scott has a 1941 Truck
pic not available

Darlene Davenport  September 22nd
Jerry and Darlene have a 1932 Plymouth

Candy Embry  September 25th
Candy and Ed have a 1947 Jeep

Pic not available

Shawna Wilson  September 23rd
Shawna & Darrell have a Chevy Truck

Donna Brainer  September 23rd
Donna and Ken have a 1967 Camaro

Pic not available

Olivia Schultz 24th
Olivia & Tom have a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang

Christy Runner September 24th
Christy has a Ford Truck

Tish Farris  September 24th
Tish and Toby have a 1981 Camaro Berlinetta

Jean Seawright  September 25th
Jean & Glen have a Corvette

Anthony Green  September 25th
Anthony has a 1977 Trans Am

Jim Sauss  September 25th
Jim has a 1937 Jaguar

Tammy Quetot  September 27th
Tammy & Aaron have a 2004 Mustang Mach I

Jeff Hubbard  September 27th
Jeff has a 1967 Chevy C/10

Pic not available

Iris Aneszko  September 27th
Iris and Jim have a 2004 Z06 Corvette

Dennis Henry September 28th
Dennis has a 2000 Mustang GT
pic not available

Jerry Johnson  September 28th
Jerry has a 1935 Chevy

Roy Rose Jr.  September 28th
Roy has a 2010 Camaro

Brett Houchen  September 28th
Brett has a 2014 Corvette

Dick Daniel  September 28th
Dick has a 1985 C/10

Greg Hockentos  September 29th
Greg has a 1959 Dodge

Jay Forrest  September 29th
Jay has a 2014 Mustang GT

Pic not available

Carl & Jeanne Booth  September 30th
They have a 1933 Ford

McKenzie Stanley  September 30th
McKenzie has a 2002 Mustang GT

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