Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

 John Herndon  December 1st
John has a 2003 Mach I
pic not available

Laura Goodman  December 1st
Laura and Tim have a 1976 Corvette Stingray

Rick Abel  December 2nd
  Rick's 1956 Chevy

   Susan Smothers  December 2nd
Susan's  C4 Corvette

Ronnie Simms  December 2nd
Ronnie & Rick's Camaro

    Ellis Morrison  December 3rd
Ellis' 1965 Chevelle Malibu

Jordan Nash  December 3rd
Jordan has a 1966 Fastback Mustang

pic not available

Brad Seese  December 4th
Brad has a 2010 Camaro

  Mike Coulter  December 5th
Mike's 1998 Camaro SS

Larry Kaufman  December 5th
Larry has a 1968 Camaro

Jim Wofford  December 6th
Jim's  1937 Buick

Robert Deacon  December 6th
Robert has a 68 Fastback Mustang
pic not available

Sherry Gott  December 7th
  Kent & Sherry's  Camaro

Corey Mills  December 7th
Corey has a Chevy Truck

     Bill Hawkins  December 7th
Bill has a Camaro

Cathy Decker  December 9th
Bill & Cathy's Chevelle

Naomi Lundsford  December 9th
Naomi & Michael's  66 Chevy C-10

Gary Vance  December 9th
Gary's 1957 Ford

Sue Mayes  December 9th
Sue & Larry have a 1999 Prowler

Tiffany Mills  December 10th
Tiffany & Anthony have a 1967 Chevelle

Tom Arms  December 10th
Tom' C6 Corvette

        Pat Jine's  December 10th
Rick and Pat's Pro-Street S-10

Rob Carroll  December 10th
Rob has a 1994 Corvette

        Nicholas Newton  December 11th
Nicholas'  1964 Beetle

Donnie Jackson  December 11th
Donnie has a 1967 Nova

Pic not available

John Soukup  December 12th
John has a 1979 Malibu

Jimmy Brown  December 12th
Jimmy has a 1950 Chevy

pic not available

Bill Decker  December 13th
Bill's  1972 Chevelle

Gary Burkhead  December 13th
Gary has a 2002 Corvette
Pic not available

Evelyn Franke  December 13th
Evelyn & John have a 1971 Chevelle

Jason Hale  December 13th
Pic not available

Jennifer Soukup  December 14th
Jennifer and John have a 1979 Malibu

Brandon Hancock  December 15th
Brandon's  1973 Camaro

Ronnie Floyd  December 16th
Ronnie's 2010 Camaro

Micki Worley  December 17th
Micki with Charlie Simpson

Don Robertson   December 17th
Don has a 2005 Corvette

Donna Perkins  December 17th
Donna & Rick have a 1980 C/10

Tom True  December 18th
Tom has a 1939 Ford truck
pic not available

Ronald Karrol  December 18th
Ronald has a 1965 A/C Cobra

Graham Davis  Decmber 18th
Graham has a 2006 GMC Sierra

John Howard Jr.  December 19th
John's 1965 Impala

Curtis Manley  December 19th
Curtis has a 1967 Camaro Convertible

Tom Underwood  December 19th
Tom has a 1966 Malibu
Pic not available

Mada Lawes  December 20th
Mada & Phillip have a 1985 Z28

Carol Knight  Decenber 20th
Carol and Ray have a 1971 Corvette

Scott Perry  December 21st
Scott has a 1937 Ford

Kelvin Reams December 21st
Kelvin has a 1932 Ford Roadster
Pic not available

Vicki Gentry  December 21st
Vicki & Clyde have a 2004 Mustang Mach I

pic not available

Mike Morris  December 21st
Mike has a 1990 Buick Reatta

Michelle McKinney  December 21st
Michelle and Jimmy have a 1994 F150

Pic not available

Vicki Hoerter  December 22nd
Vicki  has a Corvette

Alex McClanahan  December 23rd
Alex's  1973 Charger

Donetta Harned  December 23rd
Donetta & David have a 1968 Camaro RS

Mark Hendren  December 23rd
Mark has a 1969 Firebird Convertible

pic not available

Henri Sheffield  December 23rd
Jeff & Henri have a 1970 Mustang Convertible

Kathy Hubbard  December 23rd
Kathy & Jeff have a 1967 Chevy C/10

pic not available

Larry Swanner  December 24th
Larry's 1938 Chevy

Roger Mitchell  December 24th
Roger has a 1963 Falcon Sprint

Willie Robinson  December 24th
Willie has a 1972 Pontiac

Merry Christmas

Jerry Beasley  December 25th
Jerry has a 1967 Chevelle

John Bryant  December 25th
John has a 1967 Camaro

Pic not available

James Shultz  December 25th
James has a Ford Ranger

Gary Lee Jr.  December 26th
Gary's  C4 Corvette

Ron Buckley  December 26th
Ron has a 1984 Buick Grand National

Stephanie Sydnor  December 26th
Stephanie and Keith have a Rambler American

Angela Wiedewitsch  December 27th
Angela and Brian have a 2016 Scat Pack Challenger

Garrett Mayse  December 28th
Garretttt has a 1978 Chevy K25

Marvin Jackson  December 28th
Marvin has a 2008 Corvette

Amanda Harl  December 29th
Amanda has a 1995 Mustang GT

Chris Perry  December 29th
Chris has a 2003 Yamaha
Pic not available

Christa Gambert  December 29th
Christa and Paul have a 1956 Chevy Belair

Bruce Boyd  December 30th
Bruce's  1970  Buick GSX

Irene Hurn  December 30th
Irene and Sanford have a 1972 Chevy Truck

Bruce Moreton  December 31st
Bruce's Cadillac

Liz Anderson  December 31st
Liz & Shannon have a 1933 Chevy

Cheryl Drury  December 31st
Cheryl and Troy have a 1959 El Camino

pic not available



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