Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

Charles Kinnaird  October 1st
Charles has a 1995 Chevy 4X4

Pic not available

Sanford Hurn III  October 1st
Sanford has a 1999 S10 Extreme
Pic not available

   Shirley Deavers  October 2nd
Keith & Shirley's 1970 Mach I

Jim Wilkins  October 2nd
Jim has a  Camaro

Larry Forrest  October 2nd
Pic not available

Chris Akin  October 3rd
Chris has a 2007 Chevy Silverado

Pic not available

Rhonda Browning  October 3rd
Rhonda and Ray have a 1950 Chrysler
Pic not available

Rick Craig  October 4th
Rick's Corvette

Emma Nash  October 5th
Emma & Lesieur have a 1969 Pro-Street Camaro

David Aldridge  October 5th
David has a Z28 Camaro

    Dwayne Zoller  October 6th
Dwayne's  Shelby GT 500

Sam Faris  October 7th
Sam's 07 Convertible Saleen Mustang

Barbara Morrison   October 7th
Ellis & Barbara's  1965 Chevelle Malibu SS

    Bobby Grace  October 8th
Bobby's Mustang

Kim Wild  October 8th
Eddie & Kim Wild's   1975 Nova

Jeremy Alvey  October  9th
Jeremy has a Corvette

Wendall Nash  October 9th
Wendall has a 1941 Willys

Bert Smith  October 10th
Bert has a 1965 Olds 442 Convertible
Pic not available

Matthew Oakes  October 12th
Matthew & Lisa Oakes   1967 Mustang

Amy Lein  october 12th
Amy and Randy Donohue have a 1957 Thunderbird
Pic not available

Bob Phillips  October 13th
Bob & Gail's Olds

Wayne Kessinger  October 13th
Wayne has a 1987 Buick Grand National

Shannon Seebert  October 13th
Shannon has a 1972 Corvette

Joanna Vacca   October 13th
Joanna and Albert have a 1966 Corvette

pic not available

Rob Cornelius  October 14th
Rob has a 19898 LX Mustang Convertible

Mark Loy  October 15th
Mark has a 1969 Chevelle

Marie Sanders  October 15th
Marie & Ronnie have a Reverse Trike

Omar El Abed  October 16th
Pic not available

Carroll Stine  October 16th
Carroll has a 1956 Chevy Convertible

Tiffany Huston  October 17th
Tiffany has a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain

     Faye Swanner  October 18th
Larry & Faye's 1938 Chevy

Donald Wilson  October 18th
Donald's 1930 Model A

Wayne Allgeier  October 18th
Wayne has a 1972 Nova

Paul Oehrle  October 19th
Paul has an Oldsmobile

pic not available

Jenifer Akers  October 19th
Pic not available

Art Tuttle  October 20th
Art has a 1969 VW Beetle

   Barden Wing October 20th
Barden's Chevelle

Larry Gaston  October 21st
Larry has a 1939 Ford Coupe
Pic not available

Alex Combs  October 22nd
Pic not available

Randy Donohue  October 22nd
andy has a 1966 Corvette

pic not available

        Tim "Gator" McClusky  October  23rd
Gator's  Harley Edition Ford

        Lisa Kaiser October 23rd
Rick & Lisa's  2002 Trans Am

Tom Schultz  October 23rd
Tom has a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang

Linda Grace  October 24th
Bobby & Linda's  65 Mustang

Andy Pullen October 24th
Andy has a Ford Truck

Tabitha Manley  October 24th
Tabitha & Curtis have a 1967 Camaro

Linda Gronefeld  October 24th
Linda & Ralph have a 1956 F100

Melissa Mitchell  October 24th
Melisa & Rod have a 1949 Studebaker

Pic not available

   Rose Clabough  October 26th
Keith & Rose's  Ford Galaxy

Jane Ford  October 26th
Jane & Lee have a 1989 S-10

Ron Bruner  October 26th
Ron has a 1955 Chevy

Megan Wetzel  October 26th
Megan and Bryan have a 1984 GMC

Theresa Klapheke  October 28th
Rusty & Theresa Klapheke  have a 65 Chevy C-15
Picture not available

Kasey Doss  October 28th
Kasey has a Chevy Silverado

Edwin Wilson  October 29th
Edwin & Riva's  2010 Mustang GT

Sandy Estep  October 29th
George & Sandy's  1931 Ford Sedan

Kim Moore  October 29th
Kim and  Dale have a 2013 Mustang GT/CS

Thomas Dermody  October 29th
Thomas has a 1965 Mustang

Bill McClain  October 29th
Bill has a 1979 Corvette

pic not available

Linda Renfro  October 31st
Linda & John have a 1934 Ford

Mike Skelton  October 31st
Pic not available



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