Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

 Bobby Bentley  March 1st
Bobby has a El Camino

Bernard Watts   March 2nd
Bernard has a Trans Am

Jeff Sheffield  March 2nd
  Jeff has a Mustang

Mike Jones  March 3rd
Mike has a Mustang

   Wayne Stagner  March 3rd
Wayne has a Astro van
Pic not available

Shawn Wall  March 4th
Shawn has a 1979 Trans Am

Michelle Mingus  March 4th
Michelle and Steve have a Roush Mustang

Bryan Wetzel  March 4th
Bryan has a 1984 GMC

Kevin Liebert   March 4th
Kevin has a 2006 Mustanb GT

Pic not available

David Lindsey  March 4th
David has a Z28

Lisa Lindsey  March 5th
Lisa and Daves Z28

    Al Martinez  March 5th
Al's 39 Chevy

Donnie Bickel  March 5th
Donnie has a 1969 Corvette Convertible
Pic not available

Mal Clark  March 5th
Mal has a 1934 Ford

Thomas Lee  March 6th
Thomas has a Corvette

Shelvey Simpson  March 6th
Shelvey and Walt's Torino

Suzie Breitmeyer  March 6th
Suzie and David have a 33 Ford

Jason Wall  March 6th
Jason has a 1969 Road Runner

Liam Roberts  March 6
Liam has a 1971 Buick Riviera

Pic not available

Cynthia Noppert  March 7th
Cynthia and Jim have a Convertible Impala

Beth Karrol  March 7th
Beth & Ronald have a 1965 A/C Cobra

Kenny Hoerter  March 7th
Kenny has a Chevelle

Danny Collins  March 8th
Danny has a 1968 Mustang

Ron Rawlins  March 9th
Ron's 1953 Chevy

Larry Fields  March 9th
Larry's 1940 Chevy

Hannah Dexter  March 10th
Hannah has a 1993 LX Mustang

Pamela Evans  March 10th
Pamela and Daniel have a 1968 Firebird

Michael Amin   March 11th
Michael's Chevy

Raymond Nash  March 11th
Raymond has a 1977 Pro Street Nova

Becky McCauley  March 11th
Becky and Jimmy have a 1968 Chevelle

Linda Givens  March 11th
Linda & Jim have a 1969 Roadrunner

Larry Turner  March 12th
Larry has a 1958 Corvette

Lisa Sample-Brown  March 12th
Lisa and Tim have a 1937 Chevy

        LaVerne Letcher  March 13th
Laverne and James have a Monte Carlo

 Pam Noe  March 13th
Pam's  Mustang GT

Ken Bruner  March 13th
Ken has a 1939 Chevy

Pic not available

David Stewart  March 13th
David has a 1949 Chevy Truck

Ralph Gronefield  March 13th
Ralph has a Ford pickup

Roy Rose Sr.  March 14th
Roy has Camaro

Lisa Neal  March 14th
Lisa and Glynn have a 1965  Chevy C/10

Steve Warren  March 15th
Steve has a 2006 GMC

Susan Ford  March 15th
Susan & Gary have a 1987 Buick Grand National

Jim Givens  March 15th
Jim has a 1969 Roadrunner

Frank Beman  March 16th
Frank has a 1975 Eldorado Convertible
pic not available

Lisa Lee   March 16th
Lisa and Gary have a Corvette

James Dudley  March 16th
James has a 1965 Shelby Cobra
pic not available

Rich Eubank  March 17th
Rich has a Chevelle

Shorty Gonterman  March 19th
Shorty has a Corvette

Brenda Newton  March 20th
Brenda has a 1929 Ford Model A

Richard Humphrey  March 21st
Richard has a 2012 Mustang GT 500

Michelle Greenwell March 22nd
Michelle's Mustang GT

Thomas Wheatley III  March 22nd
Thomas has a Ford truck

Ed Embry  March 22nd
Ed has a 1947 Jeep

Pic not available

Denise Wilson  March 23rd
Denise has a Pro-Street Camaro

Kevin Case  March 23rd
Kevin has a Chevy truck

David Harned  March 24th
David has a 1968 Camaro RS

Wylie Whitenack  March 24th
Wylie has a Mustang GT

Vicki Conover  March 24th
Vicki and Jim have a 1951 Ford

Wayne Harley  March 25th
Wayne has a Camaro

Corey Potts  March 25th
Cory has a 1953 Chevy 3100

Keith George  March 25th
Keith has a 1996 Mustang Cobra

Royce Williams  March 25th
Royce has a 1929 Fordd Model A

Pic not available

Amanda Brafford  March 25th
Amanda and Larry have a 1961 Chevy

Star Rodgers  March 26th
Star & Jerremy have a 1971 Camaro

Shannon Anderson  March 26th

Tim Norris  March 26th
Tim has a 1929 Ford

Jeri Johnson  March 27th
Jeri and Jerry have a 1933 Ford

Jenny Frisbee  March 27th
Jenny and Paul have a 1950 Chevy

Bill Bloyd  March 28th
Bill has a Corvette

Dylan McCauley  March 28th
Dylan has a 1978 Z28

George Estep  March 29th
George has a 1931 Ford

Ken Brainer  March 29th
Ken has a 1967 Camaro

Pic not available

Donnie Simpson  March 30th
Donnie has a Corvette

Tim Brown  March 30th
Tim has a 1965 convertible GTO

George Magruder  March 30th
George has a 1966 Mustang
Pic not available

Dennis Smith  March 31st
Dennis has a 1972 Cuda
pic not available



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