Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.


Stacy Rice  November 1st 

Sarah Burton  November 1st
Sarah and Rob have a 1969 Camaro

Pic not available

Norma Allgeier  November 2nd
Norma & Wayne have a 1972 Nova

Janet Stein  November 2nd
Janet and Carroll have a 1956 Chevy Convertible

George Jeter  November 3rd
George has a 2005 GTO

Steve Siebel  November 3rd
Steve has a 1940 Ford

   James Allen November 3rd
James has a 1998 Mustang Cobra

Mike Newton  November 3rd
Mike has a 1972 Monte Carlo

Tom Mayfield  November 4th
Tom and his Corvette

Kathy Williams  November 4th
Kathy & Ted have a 1974 Plymouth Scamp

Rick Basham  November 5th
Rick has a Chevy

Greg Mullins  November 5th
Greg has a Chevy Coupe

David Edwards  November 5th
David has a 2008 Chevy Impala

Cabrina Dant   November 7th
Kenny & Cabrina's  Mustang

James Brinegan  November 7th
James has a  1964 Fairlane 500

Pic not available

Ed Ennis  November 10th
Ed has a Caddilac

Diana Rawlins  November 11th
Diana & Ron have a Chevy Truck

Jennifer Combs  November 11th
Pic not available

    Mark Thompson  12th
Mark's 1966 Nova SS

Robert Dixon  November 12th
Robert has a 2006 Shelby GT

Jimmy McKinney  November 12th
Jimmy has a 1994 F150

Pic not available

Monica White  November 12th
Monica and Phillip have a 1978 Corvette

  Pam Greenwell November 13th
Pam's  2002 Trans Am

Bobby Sedoris  November 13th
Bobby has a 2010 Camaro SS

Rob Collins  November 14th
Rob's 1968 Camaro

Ronnie Campbell   November 14th
Ronnie has a 2004 Corvette

Julie Gooch  November 14th
Julie has a 1968 Camaro

Jan Woosley  November 15th
Mike & Jan have a Chevy Suburban

Al Charland    November 15th
Al has a 1932 Ford

Preston Schilling  November 15th
Preston has a 2003 Mustang Cobra

     Thomas Gibson  November 16th
Thomas' Beetle

Tyler Kaelin    November 16th
Tyler has a 2005 Maxima

Pic not available

Larry Newton   November 16th
Larry has a 1936 Dodge

Pic not available

Dale Moore  November 16th
Dale has a 2013 Mustang GT/CS

Alexandria Roof  November 17th
Alexandria & Darrell have a 1968 Camaro

Marcus Saltsman  November 17th
Marcus has a 1939 Chevy

Jerry Davenport  November 17th
Jerry has a 1932 Plymouth

Troy Drury  November 18th
Troy has a 1959 El Camino

Pic not available

Toby Ray Farris  November 18th
Toby has a 1981 Camaro Berlinetta

Trish Gilliam  November 19th
Trish & Mike have a 1984 Siverado

Dustin O'Daniel  November 20th
Dustin has a 1972 Chevelle

Pic not available

Cory Moore  November 21st
Cory has a 1995 Mustang GT

Pic not available

Jim Davis  November 22nd
Jim has a 1966 Impala

David Alvey  November 22nd
Dave has a 1955 Chevy

Mary Hertel  November 22nd
Mary & Dennis have a 1940 Ford

Walt Kessinger  November 23rd
Walt has a 1987 Buick Grand National

James Kopp  November 24th
James has a 1926 Model T

Charles Hunton  November 24th
Charles has a 2011 Coyote Mustang

Gary Kirchhofer  November 25th
Gary has a 2008 Corvette

Albert Vacca  November 25th
 Albert has a 1966 Corvette

Pic not available

James Key  November 26th
James has a 1950 Ford

John Hill  November 27th
John's ElCamino

Bill Wolfe  November 27th
Bill has a 1940 Ford

Frank Goss   November 28th
Frank's  Nova

        Rick Jine's  November 28th
Rick's Pro-Street S-10

Larry Kessinger  November 28th
Larry has a 1980 Corvette

Pic not available

        Judy McClure  November 29th
Gene & Judy's  1954 Ford

Steven Grassman  November 30th
Steven has a 2012 Boss Mustang

Pic not available



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