Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

 Debbie Howard   January 1st
Debbie has a 1931 Model A Pickup
pic not available

Mark Beard  January 1st
Mark has a 2009 Mustang

Greg Green  January 1st
Greg has a 2013 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

Lisa McClanahan   January 2nd
  Lisa and Alex's  1973 Charger

   Jerry Hrastinski   January 3rd
Jerry has a 1954 Corvette

Tom Niland  January 3rd
Tom has a 1971 Boss 351 Mustang

Adam McHone  January 4th
Adam has a 1966 Buick Wildcat

Kathy Coulter  January 5th
Kathy's  Chevy Truck

Sanford Hurn Jr.  January 6th
Sanford has a 1972 Chevy Truck

Joe Kime  January 6th
Joe has a 1966 Mustang

Pic not available

    Steve Satterly  January 7th
Steve has a  1949 Mercury

Cynthia Noppert  January 7th
Cynthia and Jim have a 1967 Impala SS

Doug Keisker  January 8th
Doug has a  C7 Corvette

Rick Basham  January 8th
Rick has a 1939 Chevy

Pat Roseberry  January 8th
Pat has a 1947 Ford

Allen Stinson  January 8th
Allen has a 1947 Ford truck
pic not available

Pam Boone  January 8th
Pam and Wayne have a 1969 Nova SS

Paul Myers  January 9th
Paul has a Z28 Camaro

Aaron Sauer  Janaury 11th
Aaron has a 1980 Camaro
Pic not available

Kathy Bryant  January 11th
Kathy & Mike have a 2005 Corvette

Vicki Jackson  January 11th
Marvin and Vicki have a 2008 Corvette

Susan Price  January 13th
Susan and Roger have a 1969 Chevelle "The Grinch"

Lori Eubank  January 14th
Lori has a 1968 Camaro

Mike Bryant  January 14th
Mike has a 2005 Corvette

Paula Huddleston  January 14th
Paula and Alan have a 1957 Ford Ranchero

Pic not available

Steve Coulter  January 16th
Steve has a 1956 Chevy

Anthony Mills  January 17th
Anthony has a 1967 Chevelle

Carla Bryant  January 18th
Carla and John have a 1967 Camaro

Pic not available

John Bramer  January 19th
John's  1935 Chevy

Gail Whitenack  January 19th
Gail & Wylie's  (Glass roof) Mustang GT

David Breitmeyer  January 19th
David's  1933 Ford

        Kathy King  January 21st
Kathy & Abe's  1934 Chevy

        Becky Amin  January 21st
Becky & Micheal's   1964 Impala

Sherri Hockentos  January 21st
Sherri & Greg's  Thunderbird

Robert Britton ( Mission Viejo, California)  January 21st
Robert has a 2012 Dodge Challenger

Ron Phillips  January 21st
Pic not available

Paul Frisbee  January 22nd
Paul has a 1950 Chevy

Bud Allen  January 22nd
Bud has a 1978 F150

Pic not available

Robert Huff  January 23rd
Robert has a 1991 mustang LX Outlaw
Pic not available

Debbie Alvey  January 23rd
Debbie has a 1955 Chevy

Jim Glass  January 23rd
Jim has a Corvette

Ray Knight
Ray has a 1971 Corvette

Jim Kriel  January 23rd
Jim has a 1937 Cadillac

Pic not available

Mary Taylor  January 24th
Mary & Chris'  Chevy Truck

Donna Wing  January 25th
Donna & Bardon's  1967 Chevelle

Angela Underwood  January 25th
Angela & Tom have a 1966 Malibu
Pic not available

Wayne Carter  January 26th
Wayne's Camaro

Sally Holbrook  January 26th
Sally & Denny's  Chevelle

Gail Phillips  January 26th
Gail & Bob's  Olds

Pat Weiss  January 27th
Pat has a 1953 Chevy

Marlene Roseberry  January 28th
Marlene & Pat have a 1947 Ford

George Yates  January 28th
George has a 1968 Camaro

Kathy Humphrey  January 28th
Kathy and Richard have a 2012 Shelby GT 500

Paul Gallo  January 30th
Paul has a Corvette

Bill Baker  January 30th
Bill has a Chevy S-10

Juan Luis Castro January 31st

Rusty Klapheke January 31st
Rusty has a 1965 C-15 Chevy Truck
pic not available

Luke Vittitiow  January 31st
Luke has a 1987 El Camino

Pic not available



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