Members Celebrating Birthdays
If you know of any member having a
Birthday this month, send me an e-mail to have it posted.

 Dana Atwell  April 1st
Dana & Paul have a 1955 Chevy

Murlene Horine   April 1st
Murlene & Jerry have several cars including these two Chevy's

James Woods  April1st
James has a 1991 Camaro IROC
Pic not available

William Skeeters  April 2nd
William has a 1990 Mustang

Aubrey Cheatham  April 2nd
Aubrey has a 1969 Plymouth Satellite

Larry Pardue  April 3rd
  Larry has a 1949 Ford

Dawn Glass  April 3rd
Dawn & Jim have a Corvette

Roberta Odom  April 3rd
Roberta and Ron have a 1972 Camaro

Pic not available

   Bob Davis  April 4th
Bob has a 1987 El Camino
Pic not available

Scott Doyle  April 4th
Scott has a 1965 Chevy C/10

CJ Brewer  April 5th
CJ has a 2008 Musatng Bullitt
Pic not available

Suzanne Stephens  April 6th
Suzanne has a 2007 Corvette

William Clark  April 7th
William has a 2004 Marauder

Joe Manning  April 7th
Joe has a 1932 Ford

Gail Wilson  April 8th
Gail & Greg have a 1934 Ford Woody

Eddie Wild  April 8th
Eddie has a 1975 Nova

Anna Wall  April 8th
Anna and Jason have a 1969 Roadrunner

Don Seelye  March 8th
Don has a 2014 Mustang GT

Pic not available

    Maurene Herndon  April 9th
Maurene & John have a 2003 Mustang Mach I
  Pic not available

Richard Martin  April 9th
Richard has a 1965 Corvair

Seth Berry  April 11th
Seth has a 1972 Cutlass
Pic not available

Rick Heine  April 11th
Rick has a 1969 Camaro

Kathleen Gosser  April 12th
Kathleen & Don have a 2007 Corvette

Stewart Lee  April 14
Stewart and Mandeey have a Porsche

Pic not available

Oliver Sowders  April 14th
Oliver has a 2001 Mustang GT

Pic not available

Charles Duff  April 14th
Charles has a 1987 Buick Grand National

Pic not available

Bob Fawbush  April 14th
Bob has a 1930 Model A

Pic not available

Yvonne Wilson  April 15th
Yvonne has a Harley Davidson

Cathy Clark  April 15th
Cathy has a 2013 CTS

Stacy Harly  April 15th
Stacy and Wayne have a 2010 Camaro RS

Francesca Morris  April 16th
Francesca & David have 1972 Camaro
Pic not available

Karen Niland  April 17th
Karen & Tom have a 1970 Boss 351 Mustang

Walt Snyder  April 17th
Walt has a 1978 Cutlass

Pic not available

Greg Burch  April 17th
Greg has a 1976 Corvette

Michelle Nash  April 18th
Michelle and Raymond have a 1977 Pro-Street Nova

Ron Vacca  April 18th
Ron has a 1966 Corvette

Pic not available

Teresa Wilder  April 19th
Teresa has a 1972 Nova

Rick Wahl  April 19th
Rick has a
1966 Chevy Panel truck

Michelle Pendleton  April 20th
Michelle has a Ford Ranger

Pic not available

Craig Dunbar Jr.  April 21st
Craig has a 1965 Chevy C-10

Larry Clark  April 21st
Larry has a 1969 Impala

Janet Lee Bryant  April 21st
and Greg have a 1968 Chrysler Newport Convertible
Pic not available

Kim Payne  April 21st
Kim and Tony have a 1971 Olds Cutlass

Matthew Cook  April 23rd
Matthew has a 1987 Monte Carlo SS

 Phil Cook April 23rd
Phil has a 1939 Chevy
Pic not available

Michael Kemper  March 23rd
Michael has a 1983 Mustang

Dustin Tidwell  April 24th
Pic not available

Dale Cissell  April 24th
Dale has a 1968 Mustang

Dene Ashcraft  April 25th
Dene has a 1967 Chevelle

Dennis Shapiro  April 27th
Dennis has a 1967 Chevelle

Craig Dunbar Sr.  April 27th
Craig has a 1934 Ford
Pic not available

Bob Weis  April 29th
Bob has a 1937 Plymouth

Ronnie Rudolph  April 30th
Ronnie has a 1936 Auburn Speedster

Melody Freeman  April 30th
Melody and Kenny have a 1934 Chevy

Rod Ramsey  April 30th
Rod has a 2006 Corvette

Karen Ashcraft  April 30th
Karen and Danny have a 1955 Chevy




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